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Super Pink  Its origin is explained by its indica-dominant roots (40% to 60%). Which is not as obvious as I would like. It is said that his relative is OG Kush. He got his name from his pink pistils. They appear during flowering. Usually the plant is covered with a thick layer of crystalline resin.

In General, Super Pink is a fairly high-yielding hybrid. The plant itself usually grows to about 1.2 meters in height. That is, for its cultivation you will need a lot of space. As for the harvest, it can reach 600-700g per square meter. The plant itself prefers dry soil. However, there were successful attempts to grow it on hydroponics. But then, in this case, you need to be prepared to protect the plant from the mold with dehumidifier bags. The time from planting to harvesting is about 9 weeks.

Super Pink Marijuana Effect on the body

The mixture has a pronounced fruity smell. Many also note the excellent fruit taste. The smell is mostly pungent and sweet. Before moving into a sufficiently deep euphoric distance you will find a light and relaxed, cheerful mood. Then this condition turns into a phase of full peaceful relaxation. However, this mixture is more suitable for experienced smokers than beginners. Because of the high content of cannabinoids can cause attacks of causeless anxiety and bad mood. It is not recommended for beginners to use marijuana! Be careful at the beginning of your magic adventure.

Strain Information:

  • Indica 60% / Sativa 40%
  • THC: 19%
  • Grade Quality: AAA

Strain Attributes:

  • Effects  – Talkative, Happy, Giggly, Uplifted, Euphoric
  • May Relieve – Stress, Depression, Pain, Headaches
  • Flavors  – Sweet, Flowery, Citrus

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