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Blue Rhino  This first impression of this herb is understandable – it looks just beautiful. The Blue colour comes from Blueberry which is mixed with the White Rhino strain. The main reason why it is so popular is the fact that it has large flowers – they are also very beautiful. The second and most important advantage is the fact that is can be used for head and body relaxation.

The usage of this herb is based on your needs whether you want to focus or forget about problems. This is an Indica Dominant that is popular among customers for its relaxing and medical effects. It sets in pretty quickly and can cause sleepiness and mood uplifting. As the onset is progressing the consumer feels a numbing sensation that is spread all over the body.

But you if you will be successful not to fall asleep, your mind greatly sharpens so you can focus better. The herb is both great for relaxation and work. And blueberry component makes it beautiful.

Advantages of Blue Rhino

Like most of the herbs of such calibre, Blue Rhino can cause euphoria and relaxation. Your muscles will go numb but not paralyzed and you will feel a light buzz inside your body. It is tended to increase mood greatly and boosts creativity. Also, it is known to be used as an appetite stimulator and pain sedative. It is comprised of 45% Sativa and 55% Indica. TCH/CBD level is 20%/ 2%. The White Rhino Strain is accompanied by Blueberry leaves that add a wonderful smell and taste.

Main advantages are:

  • The mood is uplifting. It affects both males mad females – they feel euphoric.
  • Relaxation. Your muscles will go numb and you will feel sleepy at first.
  • Mind sharpener. If you manage to skip sleepy phase your mind will sharpen and you will be able to get useful brainwaves.
  • Deals with insomnia. If you find it hard to get a good night sleep this herb will relax you.
  • Happiness. As you’re your mood get better all your problems will seem to melt.

Blue Rhino is known to be used for medical purposes. But you still have to consult a doctor.

Blue Rhino effects on the male and female body

Luckily the positive effect on males and females is the same. They will feel euphoric, relaxed, focused, happy and sleepy in the same manner. But sadly females can experience headaches if they overdose. But luckily the effect of the herbs sets in almost immediately so your body can’t fool you. Males can experience dry mouth but all you have to do is to drink water.

Let’s get down to effects:

  • The general effects are relaxation, uplifted mood, happiness, uncontrollable giggling and mild euphoria;
  • The medical effects are even better – you will be able to get rid of stress, depression, fatigue, headaches and pain;
  • It also alleviates nausea, loss of appetite and cancer pain;
  • The negative is dry eyes and headaches when you consume too much – so one should be careful about the dosage.

The flavour profile is comprised of three components: earth, pine and skunk. According to the reviews, Blue Rhino Strain is all about relaxation and quick onset. So if you want to get rid of the stress quickly, just get the herb.

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