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Rockstar Kush is an Indica Dominant (75%) with only 25% of Sativa. Please mention that the THC level is 22-25% so that makes this herb pretty strong. If you are a beginner in smoking you should consider other herbs. Still, if you know your dosage and you can control yourself Rockstar Kush is a great option for those want to relax completely.

This product is also known as BC Rockstar – it is popular in Great Britain and often used for medical purposes. While smoked it emits a scent of skunk and pine trees. This is a cross between Rockstar and Bubba Kush. Growers refer to this herb as an easy one when it comes to cultivating flowers.

In the end, you get a nice Indica strain which is ideal for experienced smokers and those who want to get a good sleep to ease the pain. Rockstar Kush is known for its great relaxation effect – your whole body and your mind will get rid of the stress.

Main advantages of Rockstar Kush

The sedation effect is mild but this product meant to cause relaxation. You could find yourself lying on the couch without any desire to stand up. This is why this product is very popular among experienced cannabis consumers. The main advantages of Rockstar Kush are:

  • Medical effect. This strain is known to cause couch-locks for a brief period and greatly ease the pain.
  • It helps to cope with insomnia. As a heavy Indica dominant this herb is a good “tool” to get a good night sleep.
  • High THC percentage. If you are looking for a product that will cause your whole body to relax – Rockstar Kush is your best choice.

The flavour has a skunk aftertaste but you will still be able to feel notes of leather essence. It is widely known between many customers for its strong effect. If you are looking for a high-quality product you should contact a trustworthy shop that can provide you with this herb. While smoking there would be no flowers or berries. This is a good choice for experienced smokers.

Positive effects of Rockstar Kush Marijuana Strain

This hybrid is widely known for its medical properties. Let us mention some of those:

  • Inflammation treatment. If you experience pains you can try using Rockstar Kush. It is known for its mild sedation effects.
  • Stress Relieving. Everybody knows that cannabis strain is widely known for its relaxing effect. When you experience a couch lock you will understand a real definition of a complete absence of stress.
  • Anxiety. Rockstar Kush is a high-quality herb that will definitely help you to cope with anxiety – all your problems will melt.
  • Chronic pain. If you have trouble sleeping and pains won’t give you a chance to get a good rest, just use cannabis strain.

It is highly recommended for all cannabis consumers to consult a doctor before deciding to consume Indica dominant strain. The concentration of THC is high and that is why you should have some experience in smoking. Rockstar Kush can cause trouble if you overdose. So be careful with the dosage and visit a doctor. The specialist will help you to decide whether it is necessary to use Rockstar Kush as a sedative.

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