Webster is a predominantly sativa strain that makes a great daytime smoke. This bud’s genetics and original breeders are undocumented, but even so, there’s no mystery about its buzzy appeal. Webster offers a dynamic citrus flavor and focused, energetic effects.

Webster stands out with exceptionally large and solid flowers. The buds have a somewhat hybridized structure; they have the dense core usually associated with indicas but fluffy, sativa-like leaves that spiral together g folds, resembling coral. The leaves are a dark shade of forest green and are twisted through with dark brown pistils. Finally, these jumbo flowers are dusted with cloudy white trichomes, making them difficult to break up by hand.

A first whiff reveals fresh, tangy notes of orange. On closer inspection, there’s also a dank, musky undertone. Grinding up or breaking open the flowers releases a hashy and peppery character, possibly suggesting descent from OG Kush. Webster gives off a harsh smoke when burnt and may cause some coughing or watery eyes. This smoke carries a woodsy and citrus-like flavor on the exhale.

Webster’s high begins to reveal itself soon after users exhale its thick, fruity smoke.

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