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Why Strawberry Cough?

Strawberry Cough sativa blend will surely have you movin’ and shakin’. It enjoys a great reputation amongst users for it uplifting and euphoric effects, which makes it great for relieving anxiety, depression, and stress.

A fruity strain, Strawberry Cough smells like fresh strawberries. It’s skunky with sweet berry notes that will be sure to delight your senses. When you smoke Strawberry  it gives you a dilated feeling in your chest that makes you cough, hence the latter part of the name.

Strawber  Cough has mysterious origins. It is said to be a cross between Erdbeer (sativa) and an unidentified indica. It’s popular on the West Coast of North America.

What are the Benefits of Strawberry Cough

Beat couch lock! This strain will have you feeling energized and happy. You won’t be glued to your seat; instead, you’ll feel the urge to be active. Str Co will balance you out in times of stress and be helpful if you struggle with anxiety. That’s because it has uplifting and euphoric effects, making you feel cheerful.

Strawberry Cough is more heady than body-centric. It will have your brain working making you feel chatty and sociable. While the strain is relaxing it won’t leave you feeling lethargic.

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