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Nuken This cannabis strain predominantly consists of Indica (80%) and Sativa (20%). This is the main reason why it should be used by an experienced customer. Nuken is characterized by sweet aroma – if you smell it this will remind you of fresh grass and flowers. This herb is a strong one so you should be careful about the dosage. But despite the 80% of Indica components, your body will function properly.

There would be no muscle numbness or headaches if you maintain the right dosage. After consuming you will not be able to concentrate on work but you can continue enjoying your favourite hobbies. Chat with friends or watch movies. This is the main reason why Nuken is so popular – the strength is balanced and you do not feel sleepy or dizzy.

Apart from the grass scent, you will feel a marshmallow taste, which is so popular at campfire parties. And this herb is a great tool when it comes to stress relief and battles with anxiety.

General influence on your body and mood

The main advantage of Nuken is its properties. It is a great tool to fight with depression, anxiety, stress and pain. If you can’t sleep because of the spasms just use this herb before going to sleep. But first, consult a doctor so you can avoid possible side effects of smoking. This product could be consumed in the daytime or in the evening.

Nuken has a lasting effect and the product is very contemplative. On the other hand, it is not narcotic and heavy. After usage, you will feel a light buzz inside your body. But then comes relief in a physical and mental way. This is a high-quality herd which can serve several medical purposes.

It is comprised of TCH (25%) and only 0.01% of CBN. Both males and females are affected in the same way so they will feel happy, uplifted, euphoric and even focused. There are some negative effects that can include dizziness and dry eyes. But negative effects come only after the irrational abuse of the product.

The reasons for getting Nuken strain

The main reason for getting Nuken is the collection of good effects. The aroma profile is pretty simple – you will experience earth, banana and pine scents. Let get down to positive effects:

  • Relaxation. You will feel relaxed and focused at the same time.
  • Euphoria. Your mood will be uplifted and you will forget all your problems.
  • Happiness. Stress relief is the main function of Nuken products – you will feel happier and better mentally.
  • Uplifted. Your mood will greatly increase and you will feel the urge to laugh.

Also, you can feel yourself a bit sleepy – turn this into your advantage! Use Nuken before going to sleep and have a great night. The product also has medical properties. You will be able to regain appetite and reduce pains. Be careful not to overdose and always consult your doctor if you are afraid of side effects.

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