White Widow Hippie Wax (THC : 90.1%)

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It is a Sativa dominant hybrid concentrated cannabis wax and is quite demanding among the experienced cannabis consumers.  It has around 60% of Sativa lineage and the rest 40% of Indica lineage. This strain has basically been derived from the epic cross of a Brazilian Sativa Landrace and a South Indian Sativa. Very popular, reliably strong, and relatively new; this White Widow will make her impression felt with socially acceptable effects and maximum energetic intensity.

Looks: Sweet looking blondie hunks of brownish lighter toffee coffee colored coagulated cannabis confectionery concentrate. Waxy and gummy at first becoming tackier in texture with extended handling, sturdy enough at least for as long as needed.

Smell: Aromatic and sweet cigar spiced waxy fudgy mustard-liked essence, distinct and affected with a uniquely charged sticky sweet spiciness. Like a cross between cigar shop and head shop incense infusion.

Taste:  Hot sweet and smooth, a taste particularly well complemented by the Church OG. Pointed perplexing flavors deepen and evolve towards a tertiary floral or herbal spiciness evident on exhale.

Effects: Majorly expansive, stoked and choked on the lungs with a pronounced sit on your chest impression. Equally impressive in the strength of both the physical and mental ends, almost an alternating back and forth effect that feels heavy one way then soon reverses direction in the opposite direction. Easy and pleasing about the head, heavy but semi-functional on the body.

Indications: This wax is pretty good for depression, mood enhancement, anxiety relief, chronic pain relief, back pain, and PTSD.


White Widow Hippie Wax is a 60% Sativa leaning hybrid concentrated cannabis wax. Due to the prominent Sativa lineage,

most of the experienced stoners prefer to have this strain in the daytime. It can be a great choice with your morning cup of

coffee or you can just simply have it with your favorite morning breakfast recipe. This strain will definitely let you have a long-lasting quality psychedelic buzz and a mellow physiological high. No doubt this one will provide you with an energized, euphoric, and happy state of mind all the day long. It can also leave the stoners creative and for this reason; most of the artists prefer to have this strain to dip into the world of creativity. As it has some prominent Sativa lineage, it is not that much sedative and will never tranquilize you. So, if you are looking for a good sleepy ambiance, this one is not for you. Most of the experienced stoners prefer to have some ready food while consuming this strain as it may cause some kind of massive hunger-like feeling in the mid-way of the high.


Just like any other hybrid marijuana strain, White Widow also has a wide range of medical properties and is always a prior preference of the medical marijuana patients.






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