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Supreme Cartridges When it came to the potency of the hits, we have to say that we found that the Supreme THC oil vape cartridge that we tried produced some really amazing hits. The hits were big without any drag and, although it isn’t explicitly stated anywhere on the packaging, we think that if we had to guess, we would suggest that the cartridge style is similar to the CCELL type with a ceramic base rather than the older wicking style of cartridge.

The Supreme cartridge review was one that many of our followers requested. You can find this vape cartridge can all over the USA

The actual Supreme brand does not produce these cartridges. This THC oil cartridge is rumored to be produced in LA. I was able to get my hands on a Supreme cartridge and it was better than what we thought.

The distillate oil wasn’t weak and the flavor was enjoyable. Unfortunately, Supreme vape cartridges have been lab tested and failed for being clean of pesticides.

supreme cartridge review

If you go online and do some research, you’ll quickly see that there’s very little information out there about these pre-filled cartridges.


For a start, the brand doesn’t have its own website and that’s a red flag. Even more worryingly, there isn’t any Weedmaps page for these carts.  This cartridge brand is likely street made. There is most likely no actual company and instead, someone produces these carts from their house/garage or whatever.

Another possibility is legit oil cartridges are dumping their low-quality THC oil which fails for pesticides onto the streets using these brands. None of this sounds promising. So, with that in mind, we thought we’d better try one for ourselves.

supreme cart

While doing research for this Supreme cartridge review, empty boxes were found for sale online.

Rumor has it that the Supreme vape cartridges come from California – Los Angeles to be precise. We can’t find any evidence of this. Also, they can’t be found on sale in any of California’s licensed dispensaries.

As you know, this isn’t a good sign when it comes to determining the reliability of this brand. Instead, we had to buy them from someone selling it on the app. Supreme cartridges can be found for sale in apps such as offer up and a couple of other ones.

However, with all that aside, we moved onto testing the cartridges to see what could be expected from this vape.

Supreme Cartridge Review: An Impressively Strong THC Oil

We weren’t impressed by the lack of information about this vape cartridge brand. Although, we have to say that we were blown away by the strength of the cartridge that we tried. Its strength was comparable to that of other well-known strong vapes like Brass Knuckles and Stiiizy. That said, we weren’t convinced that the THC content was quite as high but not as described on the label. The Supreme packaging states that their pre-filled cartridges have a THC content of 95%.

Although we definitely felt the potency of the cartridge we tried, we didn’t think it seemed to be a lot stronger than many other cartridges that we’ve tested such as PURE one and Plug and Play Vape.

Nevertheless, if THC strength is your goal when vaping, you’re unlikely to be dissatisfied with Supreme cartridges. Even if you’ve got a high tolerance level, these will still give you an impressive high.

THC OIL Potency Rating: 4/5

Supreme Vape Cartridge Pesticides

Supreme cartridges pesticides

Supreme cartridges exposed for having pesticides and lower THC content as claimed.

Here, we run into another problem for the Supreme vape cartridge brand. Independent lab tests carried out on some pre-filled Supreme cartridges have come back with some very disappointing results indeed. Not only did they show a lower percentage of THC than what they advertise on the packaging but even worse, the results showed that the THC oil was contaminated and dirty. Not something that you want from something that you’re going to inhale into your lungs. Vaping THC oil cartridges which contain pesticides could cause severe damage to your health over time.

Lab Test Rating: 1/5

supreme carts We really can’t recommend that you vape Supreme cartridges until we find some incontrovertible proof that this cart has cleaned up their oil and is selling genuine, high-quality distillate oil with no known pesticides and with the correct level of THC advertised on the packaging.
Without more evidence, and with the only existing information being these negative independent lab tests, it would be irresponsible of us to suggest that you should try these vape cartridges.

What About The Flavor Of This THC Oil?

After the downside of the independent lab tests, there’s another positive to report here. We enjoyed the taste and flavor of the Supreme cartridge THC oil. Vaping it was a pleasurable experience.

We tried the Tahoe OG strain and we thought it was among the most flavorsome we’ve ever tried. When comparing it with the Tahoe OG cartridge from Brass Knuckles, we preferred the Supreme one.

Therefore, if a great flavor is essential to you (and it usually is), you’re not going to be disappointed by Supreme vape cartridges. Supreme Cartridges

Of course, just because the oil tastes good doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t contaminated with pesticides. Pesticides do not have an odor or flavor. Vaping pesticides do not change the taste or affect the high, making it not detectable unless lab tested. That’s something you should keep in mind if you’re considering buying the Supreme brand cartridges.

THC Oil Flavor: 4/5

1 gram Supreme Vape Cartridge For $30

Here is another red flag when it comes to the Supreme vape cartridge brand. A 1 gram cartridge (which, you’ll remember couldn’t be found in a legal dispensary) cost us just $30. Now, while that’s very appealing to those on a budget but who still want to get a decent high, it probably indicates that you’re not looking at the best quality products here. Nobody wants to shell out too much money for a THC oil cartridge, but when they’re this cheap, you have to question what you’re getting for your money.

It’s no wonder, then, that these cartridges are flying off the shelves. At that price, they’re very attractive to a broad cross-section of people.

They can even be found for sale on Instagram as well as Radiate, a popular rave app. That in itself doesn’t exactly make us feel confident about the quality or genuine nature of the product. The cost alone makes us wonder how good this vape oil can be since distillate oil from licensed dispensaries will, on average, cost at least twice the price of this Supreme cartridge.

Price Rating: 3/5

What Can Be Expected From The Hits?

When it came to the potency of the hits, we have to say that we found that the Supreme THC oil vape cartridge that we tried produced some really amazing hits. The hits were big without any drag and, although it isn’t explicitly stated anywhere on the packaging, we think that if we had to guess, we would suggest that the cartridge style is similar to the CCELL type with a ceramic base rather than the older wicking style of cartridge.

On the downside, there were a couple of flaws which, to be fair, aren’t unique to this brand. We found that the glass of the cartridge was pretty weak. When we accidentally dropped it, it cracked. We were lucky in that there was very little THC oil when that happened. However, we wouldn’t have been delighted if it had happened as soon as we’d taken it out of the packaging. This isn’t the only THC oil vape cartridge that’s made out of inferior quality glass, but it’s still annoying.

Another issue that we found with the Supreme vape cartridge was that it wouldn’t vape all of the THC oil inside it. Again, another thing that isn’t unique to this cartridge. We’ve had this problem before with other cartridges too, and it’s always annoying not to be able to vape all the oil that you’ve paid for.

Not much thc oil remains in the bottom of the cartridge, but it’s a definite design flaw when you can’t vape everything inside the pre-filled cartridge.

Beware Of Fake Supreme cartridges

Supreme vape cartridge and packaging for sale online

A Fake Supreme version of Brass Knuckles vape cartridge case.

Just a quick online search will reveal a whole bunch of sites that sell empty packaging for Supreme vape cartridges. You can buy them from the popular auction site eBay as well as from other online forums like Alibaba.

We wrote a more in-depth article on the fake vape cartridges if you would like to get more info on the subject.

There are many different types of Supreme cartridge packaging as you have seen.  All too often, black market sellers will merely fill up vape cartridges with poor-quality cannabis oil, put it into what appears to be original packaging and sell it on to people who don’t know better or don’t care at all.

Supreme cartridges have been flagged for this before on other websites like Grasscity and Merry Jane and this is something that everyone should be aware of before trying this brand.

Supreme Cartridge Review Overall Rating: 3/5

Overall, there are just too many warning signs to ignore when it comes to Supreme THC oil vape cartridges. Although we enjoyed the taste and were impressed by the hits, this is just another lousy THC oil cart.

With the possibility of any Supreme cartridge you buy being a fake and of having a lower level of THC, never mind potentially being contaminated with pesticides and other contaminants, we don’t think that it’s worth taking the risk of vaping these cartridges.

Lesson to learn from this Supreme cartridge review is not to trust claims of over 90% THC; this high amount is worth much more than $30 a gram. Supreme Cartridges


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