Private Reserve Pens

Product Details:

90% THC Content
Micro USB Charger
Reusable Battery
Wax Concentrate Oil
Popular Strains
Local Delivery
Vet Discounts
Available In .5g and 1g





Private Reserve Pens If you’ve been looking for a discrete way to medicate, private reserve pens are a perfect choice when looking for something small, mobile and easy to use. These pens are made from the absolutely highest quality wax oils, allowing patients to feel its effects from very little use. Available in many different flavors, choose from Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains too.

Private reserve pens are very sleek and not bulky like your typical vape pens. Average users can use an exotic pen for weeks of daily use. Even if you have a very high tolerance and used to dabbing concentrates, private reserve pens are strong enough for anyone to feel its effects quickly. The convenience of using a micro USB charger makes it hassle free when needing to travel.


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