Organic Bongbastic OG Teen

Ideal Environment: Indoor

Flowering Days: 7-9 weeks

Average Height: Short

Preferred Medium: Coco



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Organic Bongbastic OG Teen Cross of Hindu Kush and Northern Lights. Bongbastic OG is a pure indica strain. The harsh climate of its homeland has conditioned this strain to express a thick, protective coat of crystal trichomes cherished by hash makers worldwide. With a subtle sweet and earthy sandalwood aroma, Bongbastic OG induces a deep sense of calm that helps bring relief to those suffering pain, nausea, and stress disorders.

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Plant Sizes

8-10 Inches, 12-14 Inches, 14 – 16 Inches, 18-20 Inches, 20-22 Inches, 24+ Inches


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