Organic Alaskan Thunderfuck Teen

Ideal Environment: Outdoor

Flowering Days: 7-9 weeks

Average Height: Tall

Preferred Medium: Soil



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Organic Alaskan Thunderfuck Teen, A unique blend of North American sativa and Russian Ruderalis when crossed with Afghani genetics gives the Alaskan Thunderfuck also known as ATF, Matanuska Thunderfuck or Matanuska Tundra. With its crystal like buds bearing spots of orange hair, the plant of Alaskan Thunderfuck falls under the strain with a generous yield. The buds of this plant are pungent smelling with a tinge of diesel which is hard to ignore.

When the stuff from this strain hits you, the air around you will smell like spicy bananas while your tongue will be lost in the sweet earthy after-taste. The high from this strain is quite instant. As it is sativa dominant, the high will lift your mood and enhance the colors around you, making the world a better place for a while.

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