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Lemon Skunk kush is an award-winning Sativa hybrid, known for its lemon flavor and a THC count as high as 22%. It made the High Times list of top 10 strains in 2009. Its effects begin with a surge of uplifting cerebral stimulation, which often leads to introspection. Buy lemon skunk online

Lemon Skunk Strain was conceived from two separate Skunk phenotypes that displayed exceptionally zesty lemon traits. The skunky, citrus flavor draws you in immediately, and the happy, energetic buzz will shake you out of any funk. DNA Genetics has developed it as great strain for combating depression and stress. For those looking to alleviate fatigue and nausea may also find relief in this strains potent medicinal benefits. The energetic rush from this Lemon will leave you feeling invigorated and very energized. Buy Lemon Skunk kush

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Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 15% – 22%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

Appearance and Smell

Lemon Skunk is a tall plant, growing to about 80 inches tall.  It has a light-green tinge to the buds and leaves, with bright orange pistils swirling around the buds.  It has a light spattering of powdery trichomes.  Dried and cured, the nuggets are sticky and fragrant.https://www.leafly.com/hybrid/lemon-skunk

The fragrance of Lemon Skunk is a strong earthy, pine, and lemon.  It can really fill a room even before a match is lit.  There are also hints of spice and ginger.  The inhale is a mouthful but not overly irritating.  It will cause your eyes and mouth to water and quickly dispel any hint of nausea, just like a sour lemon. Buy Lemon Skunk kush

How to Grow Lemon Skunk Cannabis Seeds or Cuttings

Growing weed from Lemon Skunk cannabis seeds or cuttings is an easy endeavor according to cultivators.  You can grow this strain indoors with the usual tent set-up.  You can set up a grow room in a tent to control air and light most directly.  Place reflective lining on the inside of your tent to harness the lamp light.  Use high discharge lamps placed strategically around your plants to get the best result.  You can use a fan and exhaust system to keep the air clean, crisp, dry, and circulating.  You can also use an air filter to get rid of any contaminants which could affect your plants.  Indoors, you can expect to come away with eighteen ounces of lemony weed per square meter of growing space.  Now, you’re ready to harvest, dry, and cure.

Outdoors, this strain will grow in a slightly cooler environment than most strains.  It is a strong and hearty plant which will need minimal attention once placed in a mild, dry, rich, spot which gets plenty of sunlight.  You can come away with 28 ounces of citrusy weed for each plant, and considerable yield.

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Lemon Skunk

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