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Holy Grail Clones  The THC levels test at over 20%, offering extra strength relief to any patient with seizures, insomnia or chronic pain. Ideal grow for any skill level.

Strain: Holy Grail Kush
Plant Type: Hybrid
Genetics: Kosher Kush x the OG #18
Breeder: DNA Genetics
Cut: From seed
Flowering Time: 60 + days
Height: Tall
Yield: Medium
Potency: 22-25% THC
Grow Difficulty: Medium

A good example of “og” structure.  Expect a good amount of stretch and large inter-nodal spacing.  Top multiple times for added yield.


DNA Genetics took two-time High Time Cannabis Cup award-winning strain, Kosher Kush, and crossed it will multi-award winning strain OG #18 to create a potent indica-dominant strain. THC content tests at over 20% to provide patients with strong relief. This strain creates a calming effect but will uplift your mood and mind. Although this strain is indica-dominant and will help one fall asleep and stay asleep, it is also a great strain to use during the daytime. Holy Grail Kush contains 4% CBD and is perfect for those who have seizures. These CBD levels will provide different effects than just a THC strain and counteract psychoactive effects.

Holy Grail Kush is known for its large, dense buds. Clear crystals coat the outside of the green flower as you will notice blueish hues throughout. When a light hits Holy Grail Kush it will light up. The crystals will sparkle like a disco ball. This should smell heavily of kush. An earthy, coffee aroma with hints of lime. What’s best about this strain is that it is an ideal grow for all skill levels. Growers can expect a relatively easy grow with a decent amount of stretching with the need for support for some of the heavier colas.

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