Golden Goat

Strain Name: Golden Goat for sale

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid .

Looks:The appearance of this joint was poor. The joint looked a little anemic and didn’t look to be packed correctly. The joint was appeared to be really small and did not look great.

Smell: I was able to smell the cannabis, but this was a strain that could have sat open in my pocket and I wouldn’t have worried too much. The little smell there was did smell pleasant but the paper masked most of the smell, which is standard with most joints.

Taste:The taste was quite nice. This was a really smooth smoke with zero burn feeling when.This is where the Golden Goat really shines. A bright, clear, heady high that leaves me feeling euphoric and uplifted.

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1HP, 1Ounce, 1P, 1QP


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