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Death Bubba Kush is a wonderful herb that is comprised of 25% Sativa and 75% of Indica. TCH/CBD level is 22-25%/ 0.65-1%. The dominance of the Indica component makes this product pretty strong so it is recommended only for experienced customers. You should be careful with dosage so you will be able to enjoy all positive effects. It looks very beautiful due to the purple strains. It is comprised of Death Star and Bubba Kush. The smell will remind you of earth and grass.

The mild sedative effect makes it useful in the medical aspect. It will lock your body for a while so do not overdose. If you have problems with sleeping just use this herb to relax completely. Consume when having physical discomfort caused by large amounts of stress or pains. This herb is known among smokers for a long time. Smell musky pins and lemon while exhaling. You will surely like its wonderful purple and green in colour.

Why it is so popular nowadays?

This herb is a great way to treat insomnia and appetite loss. According to the reviews DBu is often used as a medical treatment. But this is not a drug that can cure decease. Use it as a sedative and don’t forget to consult a doctor. It is all about relaxation and avoiding depression aftermath.

Main advantages:

  • Sedative effect. Calm your body down and rest on a couch for a while.
  • Appetite boost. Sometimes mental problems could cause appetite loss and this is when this herb comes useful.
  • Boost your morale. Relaxation is one of the best ways to boost your moral by uplifting your mood.
  • Use it after the sunset. If you want to achieve the best results while sleeping use Death Bubba to feel relieved and calm.

You will be able to reach a deep sleep without pain or anxiety. The sedative effects are real and that is why Death Bubba is so popular.

Most useful effects

If you want to achieve perfect calmness, just have a small dose of this wonderful herb. Thus you will have a perfect nap and will get a good rest. The effects on females and males are just wonderful:

  • Relaxed and sleepy. You are not obliged to sleep – watch movies or have a calm chat with your friends.
  • Euphoria. Some reviewers experience happiness and hunger – enjoy your healthy appetite.
  • Pain-free. You will not experience headaches or other side effects.

But there could be some negative effects like increased heart rate and laziness. So you do not want to use it before work because you could not be in no condition to function properly. And again – be very careful about the dosage.

Death Bubba can ease pain in the back and will help you to get rid of nausea. This product is just great for those who are in search of a good sedative. Feel free to enjoy its wonderful effects at home.

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