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10 White Skunk Feminized Seeds from The Killer Weed Market today! We are fully stocked with white widow marijuana seeds. Our shipping is quick and discrete, and our customer service is the best when shopping for white widow.

10 White Skunk Feminized Seeds is one of the most favored marijuana seeds. The bud from it glistens with a high volume of different crystals. At first White Widow provides an euphoric and energetic type high. After a while, the high level of Indica in the strain causes a tiredness and “couchlock” that Indica is famous for.

10 White Skunk Feminized Seeds seeds are smaller, more compact plant, and is suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors. Click below and view our prices. We ship worldwide to countries like the US and Cananda. The cannabis strain is available to purchase online at cheap pricing.

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